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Foreground'The Villages Meditation Group' Picture of an icy mountain in background. Author Eric Fisher.

Zen meditation outdoors

The Villages Meditation Group

This is a small meditation group set up for informal meets in scenic locations for meditation. There is no subscription or fees currently. If you want to attend, send your name, phone number, a recent photo and which session you would like to attend then we will confirm (44 7458683488)

‘A special transmission outside the scriptures.
No dependency on words and letters.
Pointing directly to the human mind.
Seeing into one’s nature and attaining’ Buddhahood.’

Bodhidharma. 6th Century.

Hessle Foreshore Background pic

Hessle Foreshore

A favourite location for this meditation group The River Humber with a couple of meditators in the mid ground
View of The River
Memorial Zen Garden Hengate Beverley Villages Meditation Group

MEmorial zen gardens, hengate beverley

Early monring in the mountain with a group of travellers on a ledge Eric Fisher'Location to follow'.  Potential exciting location for this meditation group. Background is a panoarama with a few people  on a leafy crag looking over at a distant mountain peak as dawn.

to follow

Awesome Things for You

Meditation is a powerful tool you can harness in your life’s path. The benefits are many.

. Enhance your creativity and awareness

. Experience the power of Now

. Improve energy levels

. Manage stress better

. Increase self knowledge

. Learn mindfulness

. Challenge your limitations

. Reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure

. Explore the mysteries of your being and the universe

Why join a meditation Group, i’m doing fine on my own ?

I used to think this too and there is much you can do with solo practice. You can continue to do it this way but group practice adds a new and exiciting dimension which should not be overlooked. True that it is more challenging in a way dealing with other people but it can be more fulfilling too. In the Villages Meditation Group either online or face to face you can compare notes and discuss things that may be holding you back. Most importantly blow out avenues that may be misguided