Meditation Glossary Top 13 – Glow of Awareness Glossary

meditation glossary top 13 - glow of awareness glossary

Meditation Glossary Top 13…

This glossary for the villages clarifies words in post and pages for ‘The Villages…‘. It may likely develop an independent life of its own with further related words not in the text as new and intriguing aspects are further explored. Bag free registration with The Villages then comment and suggest more words. This should be a fun adventure not a dry word list.

Anatman – (Sanskrit) It is one of the three characteristics of all existence, together with dukkha (suffering, dissatisfaction) and anicca (impermanence) For an in depth discussion check this out.

Anicca -impermanence. Sanskrit. A Buddhist concept referring to the absence of an abiding self


glow of awareness glossary - the villages meditation group meditation glossary
Glow of Awareness by Joanna Wietrzycka

Conventional definitions are often circular and do not really cut it. For example : ‘the state or ability to perceive’ Gafoor, 2012

‘Awareness – .. the glow of awareness is seen on the surface of the cocoon of all sentient beings. After man develops attention, however, the glow of awareness acquires depth..’ Casteneda

Cosmic Mudra – Dominant hand up rest as pic. It is used to seal yourself and conceal your energy from the Universe. See My Meditation Diary #11 for a related practice from a very different perspective.

cosmic mundra


Suffering/dissatisfaction. Another Sanskrit term. Used in Jainism, Hinduism and Buddhism.


A seemingly paradoxical statement which a follower of the Zen path must resolve. They are used in certain schools of Zen to burn out the intellect and ego to reach another kind of understanding. Often a fundamental ‘truth’ is buried in the koan.


Generally It is something you do with your awareness to stop or detach from your internal dialogue. Some meditations focus on a certain thing, some don’t. Meditation in this context is not the same as ‘just thinking about something’ as understood broadly.


Being aware of yourself in the moment; your thoughts, your actions, your senses, your mind.


Meaning ‘seal’, in Sanskrit – intensifies meditation practice and alters the flow of subtle energy.

Red Flags

This is a warning signal in the context of dodgy practices and behaviours. It is what separates an interesting organisation or leader from one you should really avoid.


Means concentration and tranquillity. The mind is stilled to focus on just one thing with the end result a special deep calm.


Derives from the ancient Pali language used in Buddhism. It means to ‘to see things as they really are’ and was said to gave been used by Buddha to achieve enlightenment. It is a kind of mindfulness meditation.


A core practice in Zen Meditation. Sit cross legged base raised slightly with eyes open a little down 2-4 feet in the distance. Dominant hand crossed and open over other hand in the cosmic mundra. Concentration on the breathing. It is a powerful and transformative practice with time and patience. There is an excellent and detailed account of it here.

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