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Zen Meditation Outdoors

Established in 2022 – About the villages..

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The Villages is a small meditation group set up for informal meets in scenic locations for meditation based in the Hu10-Hu15 region. There are no subscriptions or fees currently. If you want to try it send you name, a recent photo and which session you would like to attend then we will confirm.

With the intention of keeping things accessible the Zen just sitting  (Shikantaza) is favoured initially but meditators can explore their own path, whatever that may be…. We are working on some guided meditation to keep things interesting. 

The favourite spot currently is Hessle Foreshore. Sunday between 4-6 pm March to October.

Eric and the crew. 

Next up….Are you in a Cult ? – of coarse you are.

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Mindfulness meditation at the Memorial Zen Garden. Hengate, Beverley.

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