Lucid Dreaming and Delta Waves

What do Delta Waves Feel Like ?… and why do I care ?

Delta waves emanate from the brain during deep sleep. The thalamus emits these slow high amplitude delta waves of 1-4Hz during this period. Brainwaves can be monitored with an eletroncephalograph which is an electophysiological method.

Why are Delta Waves Interesting ?

If you are in a Delta wave state it helps you produce anti-aging hormones and it is linked to higher states of conciousness. In these states you are thought to better access your ‘subconscious’ , lucid dreaming and astral projection. It decreases your attachments to the normal concensus reality Aka the Here and Now.

Delta Waves and Lucid Dreams

It is the stage of sleep where the body repairs and restores itself. So why wouldn’t you want Delta waves in your world, or ahem worlds… ? If you don’t produce them during your sleep you can wake up still feeling tired. Alcohol is known to suppress these waves which accounts for why you may still feel tired after you had fallen into a drunken stupor.

Brainwave Entrainment

It is possible to stmulate Delta whilst awake, but it might not be a great idea to drive or operate heavy machinery. People with Attention Deposit Disorder are known to produce extra waves like this, and I am happy for them.

One method of encouraging these waves is to play sounds that simulate these waves which your body syncronises to. These sounds are available today in many formats on Youtube, apps and podcasts.


A problem or challenge is that after you have been in this state it may be hard to remember what happened. Bearing this in mind I recommend you keep a dream diary by your bed and write down what you remember immediately after waking.

Speaking from experience if you want to explore Delta waves use what you already have experienced but possibly forgotten. Use that as the basis for your meditation rather than rely on tacky and rather culty overpriced tech. If you remember a lucid dream, well you are already there.