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Plant Meditation in your Happy Place – Awareness and Connection

Mature palm in a bucket. Plant Meditation in your happy place.

Plant Meditation

This type of meditation can make a refreshing change from sitting with your eyes closed focssing on your breath. However you may find it interesting shutting your eyes and visualising the plant that is in front you.

It is as simple as this. Find a plant you like and place in front of you in the normal place you meditate. When you meditate you tend to increase your awareness, with this meditation you increase your awareness and connection with your plant and the mystery of nature.

Run your eyes over every part of the plant, the pot, the leaves, the leaves. You may see small creatures going about thier business also which is to be expected. Distance yourself from thoughts not related to your plant. Thoughts will arise in your mind but just let them go, you can come back to them later.

At least for myself this pleasant discipline stays with me after the mediation and gives me ideas about making the plant healthy and looking good, along with all the other benefits you may expect from meditation. This is just a core description of something that has been expanded upon by many authors with a more shamanist slant which is to be explored in another post.