Submit Absolutely to Guru Achieve ultimate – The 3 Musketeers

There is no need to submit absolutely to the leader of your group to progress. The experience comes from you and whatever is out there, adding a third element is unnecessary and risky. You may have had good experiences in your group which you attribute to the group rather than yourself, you must own your own experience.

Beware fake Fakirs fakiring your head – Submit Absolutely

The old truism that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely is none more true than in this field. The only way that absolute power can work well for the incumbent is if the master is an actual deity in living form. It’s a tough call for us fallible humans ! The reason is that for every true guru and I do believe they exist, there are a million fake fakirs then maybe a few about to slip from their lofty place. They are more likely to screw you over and leave your head in pieces.

It is a sad story told over and over by the victims of aspirational groups that have gone bad. They may have started off with good intentions and somehow got tangled. In a way these can be the worst because they pick out a narrow line between dodgy and inspirational. Many people have an interesting time but it can be hard to spot foul play and when you do it is too late. However smart you are you, it is almost inevitable that you have areas of your consciousness that are non-rational. If you are a ‘bad guru’ you become a master of tapping into these vunerabilities with the techniques of your trade (See : Are you in a cult ?).

Appearances can be Decieving

I had just been listening to a podcast on Osho. To someone visiting he seems pretty awesome in his Ashram surrounded by beautiful people. They are dancing and becoming liberated but the appearance is a long way from the reality with all the abuse. A similar pattern can be found with the Tm movement and of course Nxivm.